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Welcome to NUIS

Niigata University of International and Information Studies (NUIS) was founded in 1994. As of April, 2020, NUIS boasts of 6,654 graduates who are making great contributions both to the local and international communities.

NUIS consists of two faculties, under which there are three departments: Faculty of Business and Informatics (Department of Business Administration and Department of Information Systems); and Faculty of International Studies (Department of International Studies).

NUIS operates in two locations in Niigata City: Mizukino Campus and Chuo Campus. Mizukino Campus is situated in the west of Niigata City at the foot of Mt. Yahiko. As most classes and student activities are held here, this is where various facilities are concentrated.

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Chuo Campus is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Niigata. It is a hub of the liaison between the university and the local community, hosting open courses and various activities open to public.

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