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Mizukino Campus

The main campus in Mizukino is situated in a serene residential neighborhood. It is packed with modern facilities that include the library, computer center, and the gym. It is the hub of education at NUIS.

Computer Center

Computer Center is one of the modern facilities that NUIS is truly proud of. Students can use computers here to brush up their computer skills as well as to surf and gather information on the internet. There are also PCs equipped with operation systems in Chinese, Korean and Russian.


NUIS Library boasts of a collection of more than 130,000 titles and subscribes to 1,800 journals and periodicals. Students have access to resources from all over the world through multiple databases available in the library. There are medium- and small-sized discussion rooms as well as PCs and booths for enjoying audiovisual materials.

International Center

The purpose of the International Center is to promote further international understanding through providing a venue for international activities. It is equipped with a social salon, seminar rooms, a PC area with devices installed with operation systems in foreign languages, a gallery exhibiting artifacts from various foreign countries which aids students’ understanding of different cultures.


Students’ Hall MELF

Connecting students and students, students and faculty, the university and society – a facility that provides a “place to connect” was established to commemorate the university’s 20th anniversary.

The name of the Student Union – MELF – derives from the meaning “Making Everlasting Friends (Let’s make eternal friends here)”.

Facilities located on the first floor include a Student Support Center that offers consultation services on student activities, and the multi-purpose seminar and alumni council rooms. Other facilities, located on the second floor, include a music studio, PC corner, and the club rooms of academic and cultural organizations.

On both the first and second floors there is also an open space student lounge that provides a well-equipped environment for study, extracurricular activities, and socializing.

Sport-related Facilities

Despite being a small-scale university, NUIS boasts of a relatively large compound that hosts various sport facilities including an athletic field, tennis court, indoor gymnasium, training room, aerobics room, etc. All individual students and groups are entitled to use these facilities to nurture health and physical strength.

Chuo Campus

NUIS Chuo Campus is situated at the heart of downtown Niigata. It is utilized for students’ undergraduate research and educational activities that are closely connected with the local community. It is also the venue for open courses that target the general public. The coworking area on the second floor is open to general public and a hub for the liaison between the university and local community.