Birmingham MA Tutorial Page


Getting in Touch


Nice to meet you. I've set up this tutorial page to stay in touch with you as you study for your MA in TESOL through the University of Birmingham.

I know first hand that completing an MA by distance can be very challenging.  I did it myself starting way back in 1994 during the very first Birmingham MA Distance group in Japan. Since then, I've also had the chance to teach as a tutor on the University of Birmingham's summer courses.  I hope my experience of "being there" will help as you make your way through the course. 

For me, it is a real joy to see MA students not just finish the program, but to continue to develop professionally and apply what they've learned in their classes.  If you are a new student, check out the "Advice" and "Getting in Touch" pages first. Below is a news feed of research and study opportunities.

I will be making constant updates to this page. Check often, feel free to look around, and drop me a line anytime if you have a question or comment.


Hadley Teaching at the University of Birmingham