Introduction to American Culture
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Course Description

This is primarily a lecture course, conducted entirely in English, which discusses some of the fundamental aspects of the cultures of the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Students are required to take notes during the lectures and participate in group discussions. In many instances, students will be asked to relate their own culture and world view to the issues presented in class.

Course Requirements

Regular attendance and active participation are vital in this class. Grades are based upon attendance, participation in classroom discussions, and tests about the lecture. Students who are late or absent for more than 20% of their classes will receive a "0" for the course. Testing is on a weekly basis. Students must complete all homework and tests within a week of their being assigned. All tests and homework are on-line and can be accessed on this homepage. Any late homework or test which is not completed within a week will be marked as a "0".


All materials are prepared by the instructor. Sources for the lectures come from the following:

bulletCompton's Interactive Encyclopedia (1994).
bulletThe New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (1994).
bulletThe Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia (1999).
bulletWorld Book Interactive Encyclopedia (1999).
bulletUnited States Census Website
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