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Studying Abroad/International Exchange

By going to other countries to live for a determined period of time on the exchange student program, students can improve their language ability in that country in addition to experientially deepening their understanding of foreign cultures learning the importance of international exchange. Students who wish to study abroad may do so in a country and at a university where the language spoken is the same as the students’ elective language chosen in the fall term of the first year. Students will study at universities that have fulfilling learning environments through our university’s intimate, collaborative relationships with them.

NUIS Exchange Student Program Information

Students study abroad in the fall term of the second year and can graduate in four years.

Credits earned at the foreign university count toward graduation from NUIS.

All exchange students can receive scholarship money.

Far Eastern National University

Northwest Missouri State University

Beijing Normal University

Kyung Hee University

Exchange Study Abroad

We have established an exchange program with our sister school KwangWoon University in Seoul. The period of study is for one year or less. Just like in our Study Abroad System, the classes taken at Kwangwoon will transfer as credit towards graduation, and students can finish their studies in four years.

KwangWoon University

Information Systems Department Summer Seminar

The Summer Seminar takes place for about five weeks at the University of Alberta and gives second- and third-year students in the Faculty of Information Culture and Faculty of International Studies a chance to use English, visit businesses and even stay with families in their homes in Canada, a country at the forefront of information systems technology. This seminar counts as a subject in the information systems major and toward credits required for graduation. Students can experience live English in a world-leading North American computerized society directly by interacting with their host families, students at the University of Alberta, and people at the businesses they visit.

Summer Seminar University: University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Period: about five weeks in August and September