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Mizukino Campus

The Mizukino Campus is located in a quiet station-front suburb. As the main campus of NUIS and the center of student life, a variety educational facilities are grouped together there, including the Information Center, which has computer rooms and a library, and the Control Research Wing, which houses seminar rooms and research offices.

Information Center

The Information Center is one of the most attractive points about attending NUIS. It is a place where students can search for information effortlessly using computers and networks and polish their computer skills using a variety of machines. Of course, they are connected to the computers of the world through the Internet and can not only collect information but also distribute it and send and receive e-mails as well. In addition, each computer has Chinese, Korean and Russian language capability.


The library holds over 120,000 volumes and has 1,500 domestic and foreign periodicals. Looking at these volumes is just the beginning; students can freely use multimedia information and various machines to search and browse our database containing newspaper articles and business information from the past and documentary information from all over the world. The library has group study rooms, concentrated study rooms, language study rooms, and information transmission rooms, and students can use them for self-directed study or to prepare assignments.

International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center was established in order to promote international interaction and strive for more fulfilling education and research. The International Exchange Center has various facilities, including a Seminar Room that is used for research prior to studying abroad or doing the overseas Summer Seminar, debriefing sessions and open lectures; the International Exchange Floor, which has information about affiliated schools and countries and computers installed with operating systems in several languages; a Gallery featuring audiovisual educational materials from local research; and a Salon where people can interact freely.


Students' Hall MELF

Connecting students and students, students and faculty, the university and society – a facility that provides a "place to connect" was established for the university’s 20th anniversary.

The name of the Student Union – MELF – derives from the meaning "Making Everlasting Friends (Let's make eternal friends here)".

Facilities located on the first floor include a Student Support Center that offers consultation services on student activities, and the multi-purpose seminar and alumni council rooms. Other facilities, located on the second floor, include a music studio, an academic and cultural organizations clubroom, and a PC corner.

On both the first and second floors there is also an open space student lounge that provides a well-equipped environment for study, extracurricular activities, and socializing.

Sports Facilities

NUIS makes use of its spacious campus and has sports facilities befitting any athletic university. They are used for sport teams, club activities and personal fitness. Students can freely use these facilities for their own purposes and make friends with other students who love sports.

The weight room features an abundance of training machines, barbells and other equipment befitting a sports gym so that you can shape up or build your body to your heart’s desire.


The wall on one side of the aerobic training room is mirrored, and there is audio equipment, so students can do aerobic training or dance while listening to music.


Niigata Central Campus

The Niigata Central Campus is located in the Downtown/Furumachi Area and is used mainly as a base for fourth-year students’ graduate research, classes, and job-hunting activities. It has a PC technical practice room as does the main campus, and all students may use it. In addition, public courses and seminars are given here to take advantage of its urban location. It features a lobby and cafeteria on the first floor and fulfills its function as a place for students to interact with citizens and the local community with a second-floor Coworking Lab "Kokujyo" that is open to the public.